The Cognitive Centre of Canada


The Cognitive Centre of Canada (CCC) was established at the University of Ottawa in Canada in 1980 as a centre for research and program development on effective methods for the prevention and treatment of antisocial behavior.

The Centre's activities are directed by a group of Consultants with expertise and extensive experience in various fields including clinical psychology, forensic psychology, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, education, criminology, criminal and juvenile justice and professional training.


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Prosocial Competence Training Programs


The Cognitive Centre developed the internationally accredited Reasoning and Rehabilitation program (R&R) in 1986 – an evidence-based, multifaceted, manualized cognitive behavioral program that teaches the cognitive skills, social skills and values which are antagonistic to antisocial behavior and are essential to the achievement of prosocial competence.

R&R was based on three decades of research that demonstrated that 1. many offenders evidence inadequate development in social cognitive skills; 2. training in social cognitive skills is a key ingredient in effective offender rehabilitation.

The R&R program has been delivered for over twenty years to more than eighty thousand youths and adults in twenty-two countries including Australia, Canada, Canary Islands, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Holland, Iran; Japan; Hong Kong, Ireland; Jersey, Latvia, Lebanon, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Wales and most of the states in USA. 

R&R has been delivered in group homes for antisocial youths; juvenile institutions, prisons, half-way houses; forensic psychiatric hospitals; hospitals for mentally disordered offenders; probation and parole settings; community-based social service agencies; special schools for "at risk" children and adolescents; and in community schools. 

A description of the program and summaries of independent international evaluations of its efficacy can be viewed by clicking on the R&R title in the left-hand column.  Summaries of several recent international evaluations can be viewed by clicking on "News".   


Guided by research conducted since R&R was produced in 1986, the Centre has developed a suite of new, specialized and shorter programs that are tailored to the needs of specific groups:

R&R2 for Antisocial Adults (16 and older) also in Spanish

R&R2 for Antisocial Youths (12-16) soon available in Spanish 

R&R2 for ADHD Youths and Adults

R&R2 for Girls and Young Women

R&R2 for Youths and Adults With Mental Health Problems

R&R2 for Families and Support Persons

R&R2 for Antisocial Drivers

R&R2 for Hispanic Adult Offenders

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