Each of the R&R and R&R2 program-specific Training Kits include a program Handbook that has been designed to serve as a 'Workshop in a Book’. The Handbook explains the principles and practice of the programs and provides detailed step-by-step instructions for teaching each and every session.


Training in program delivery is available through 3-day group Training Workshops workshops that are designed by the Cognitive Centre of Canada to suit the requirements of particular agencies or individuals. The intensive, entertaining and highly interactive workshops are conducted by the program developers, Instructors, Consultants or Associates of the Cognitive Centre of Canada.  During the workshops, selected sessions from each of the program modules are modeled by the workshop leader. Participants then practice preparing and delivering other sessions to the group members who assume the role of clients. Participants receive detailed feedback on their presentations.

Workshops can be conducted either at the requesting agency's site, or at the Cognitive Centre of Canada in Ottawa, or in other locations that enable reasonable travel for participants.  Workshops are also conducted in various international locations including  Scotland, England, U.S.A., Bermuda, Australia, New Zealand, Estonia, Banff, Vancouver, Mexico and the Caribbean.  

Each workshop participant receives a personal copy of the relevant Program Kit at the training venue. Following the workshop, participants qualify for accreditation as "Trainers" by the Cognitive Centre of Canada.

Follow-up Training

On-site, small group (12-15), follow-up or "booster" training sessions (1 or 2 day) can also be arranged that enable Cognitive Centre of Canada Consultants or Associates to observe and provide feedback to individuals who have previously participated in a training workshop. Each participant is observed either in live or in video-taped presentations of their delivery of selected sessions and receives both in-group and private feedback. These sessions are also observed by other individuals in the group and all participate in group discussions that give individuals additional feedback and reinforcement .


Certification standards based on a combination of training and experience have been established that enable individuals to achieve accreditation for delivering the program to clients and for "training trainers". The roles and training requirements for "Trainers", "Instructors" and "Associates" are as follows:


individuals who have completed a training workshop and thereby have been accredited by the Cognitive Centre of Canada to deliver the program to clients.


In order for agencies to be able to train other members of their agency's staff in a cost-effective manner, selected Trainers may apply for certification by the Cognitive Centre of Canada as ‘Instructors’ who can train other staff in the Instructor's agency


Experienced Trainers who have been accredited by the Cognitive Centre of Canada may train not only staff in their own agency but  also  staff in other agencies.

Requests for training and additional information on training schedules and costs can be obtained from:

Cognitive Centre of Canada

 Note:  The original R&R and some R&R2 programs may be purchased without additional training by individuals who have been trained in any R&R or R&R2 program.