R&R2 for Prosocial Driver Training for the Prevention of Antisocial Driving


A Prosocial Competence Training Program

A version of R&R2 has been designed by Dr. Ross for the prevention and rehabilitation of “antisocial drivers” - drivers who are inconsiderate, selfish, and rude and frequently drive in an offensive manner that disregards the rights of other drivers to be treated courteously and safely.

A review of psychological research on driving behaviour identified the personal factors associated with driving violations and risky or careless driving (Ross & Antonowicz, 2004). The review indicated that antisocial drivers can be distinguished from prosocial drivers by the same cognitive/emotional/behavioural and value factors that are the targets of programs that effectively reduce antisocial behavior.

The R&R2 Prosocial Driver Training Program focuses on teaching the cognitive skills, emotional skills, and values that are associated with courteous and safe driving. It is designed to teach pro-social skills and values to adolescent and adult drivers with poor driving records and/or antisocial driving habits. It is also designed to be delivered to novice drivers to ensure that they have acquired such skills and values before they are granted a driver’s license.

The fourteen, ninety minute session program is designed to be delivered in community schools, in driving schools, in police service programs and in probation and institution settings. The program is manualized and articulates the principles and practice of the program, provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for Trainers, a script to guide their delivery and a large number of role-playing exercises designed to teach prosocial competence skills that participants must apply to their driving behavior.