A Prosocial Competence Training Program

Now also available for Hispanic Offenders

The R&R2 Short Version For Adults (Ross, Hilborn & Liddle) was first published in 1984 following field-testing in Estonia.  It has since been implemented in "Alternative to Incarceration" settings throughout the state of Connecticut as the core program in a large-scale evaluation of the effects of incorporating principles of effective practice on a system-wide basis.  It has also been implemented with probationers and with sex offenders in Connecticut. It is being translated in French, German and Spanish).

R&R2 Short Version For Adults is a 14 session program designed for adults (16+) whose antisocial behaviour has led to their coming under the supervision of social service agencies or criminal justice agencies including probation and prisons. The 90 minute sessions can be delivered in as little as 5 weeks (3 sessions a week) but we recommend delivering 2 sessions a week thus requiring 7 weeks of training.

The program handbook includes detailed step-by-step instructions for the Trainer, a suggested script for him/her to follow in delivering each session, in-class exercises and out of class assignments for practicing the skills, and audio-visual materials designed to maintain the participant's interest. 

Based on the neurocriminology model, participants are engaged throughout the program in prosocial simulation training and prosocial role-taking in order to stimulate their development of a prosocial identity.  Participants practice prosocial behaviors in the group and in out-of-class assignments.

The ideal group size for the program is 6-8 . This varies, of course, with the characteristics of the members of each particular group, but the aim should be to have no less than 4 and no more than 12 participants in any session.

The program requires no special facilities or equipment except an overhead projector and a flip chart. The program kit includes a CD containing PowerPoint slides that can be presented on a projector. If no projector is available, the PP slides can be converted to overhead transparencies. The only physical facility required is a small classroom or group discussion room with sufficient room to enable participants to role play in full view of the other participants.

Note:  This program may be purchased without additional training by individuals who have been trained in any R&R or R&R2 program.