Rehabilitating Rehabilitation: Neurocriminology for Treatment of Antisocial Behavior

By Robert R. Ross & Jim Hilborn

Many programs based on the cognitive-behavioral model model have yielded reductions in re-offending among a wide variety of types of juvenile and adult offenders. However, the average reduction may not be sufficiently robust to sustain political support for offender rehabilitation programs.

This book suggests that is it "Time to Think Again" about the cognitive behavioral model in the light of recent research in social cognitive neuroscience. The authors review that research and identify cognitive and emotional training techniques; simulation, imaging and neurobics exercises; and prosocial role-taking experiences that can develop the prosocial attitudes, values and motivation for the development of a prosocial identity and prosocial competence that will enable desistance from an antisocial life-style.

The authors also describe the R&R2 'family' of programs based on their "Neurocriminology" model that are specifically designed for the rehabilitation of specific groups of antisocial individuals and the prevention of delinquency.

Publisher: Cognitive Centre of Canada.

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