Patrick Liddle (B.A. in Elementary Education and Special Education, George Washington University; M.Ed. in Special Education Supervision, Columbia Teachers College). 

He has worked as a learning disabilities teacher in the Connecticut public schools and as a learning disabilities teacher in Maryland public schools through which he obtained considerable experience in educating children who had learning disabilities with emotional overlay.  He has extensive experience with regards to parent involvement in children’s education. Partick directed the Developmental Disabilities Program which involves providing group and individual therapy for men and women who have disabilities.  He also has experience in evaluating the risk level and treatment needs of offenders  and has served as an expert witness in court. Patrick is a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Patrick is a clinical member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers and has extensive experience as a therapist in conducting group treatment for men who have sexually assaulted children or adults as well as for men who have been abused.  He is the Director of the Fidelity Program for the Center for the Treatment of Problem Sexual Behaviors and is responsible for overseeing the consistency of the treatment in this field that is provided across the state of Connecticut.  His work entails working with treatment providers to ensure that they are using the established curriculum and Motivational Interviewing techniques.

He also is responsible for ensuring that they receive the training that they need in order to stay current with the latest research on best practice. He has extensive experience in training staff in program delivery (including probation and parole officers) in several states in the U.S. Parick is a certified member of the international network of Motivational Interviewing Trainers. He is certified as a Reasoning and Rehabilitation trainer and has frequently delivered the program to offenders (including sex offenders) and trained agency staff in program delivery.