Jim Hilborn, earned the MES in social planning with an emphasis on community design and social & organizational intervention (York University, Canada). 

He is a Canadian criminologist whose professional experience as a counsellor, program developer, evaluator and trainer in the criminal justice system in Canada spans more than thirty years.  He is now based in Estonia where he is engaged in promoting evidence-informed policy and evidence-based practice in the Baltic Region of Europe.

He is the Director of the Cognitive Centre of Estonia and the founder and Chair of the Baltic Crime Prevention Practitioners Association. He teaches courses in Estonia on cognitive-behavioral approaches to the treatment of antisocial behavior; community intervention; crime prevention; community policing; and evaluation of criminal justice programs.

His recent projects include Harm Minimization in the Night-Time Economy: Reduction of the Opportunity for Alcohol Related Harm" (2006) for the Cheltenham CADA Partnership in the UK.; and A POP Guide on Crime and Disorder in Parks (2007) for the United States Centre for Problem Oriented Policing His recent review of the evidence for crime prevention approaches was published by the Estonian Ministry of Justice. He is a co-author with Dr. Ross of three program handbooks: Reasoning & Rehabilitation 2: Short Version for Youth (2003); Reasoning & Rehabilitation 2: Short Program for Families and Support Persons (2005); R&R2 Short Version for Adults (2005).  He is also co-author with Dr. Ross of the recent book: Rehabilitating Rehabilitation: Neurocriminology for  Treatment of Antisocial Behaviour (2008).