Dra. Rita Martín Caballero



Dra. Rita Martín Caballero, a Clinical Psychologist who also has a Master’s degree in Drug Dependency, is Professor Coordinator of practical studies for the Master of Clinical Psychology and Health course, and Professor for the University Expert course in Security and Crime Prevention at the University of La Laguna in the Canary Islands of Spain.

 Dr. Martin specializes in the treatment of drug-abusers. She served as Head of Training for a day centre for drug abusers in the Canary Islands and was Psychologist-Coordinator of the Phoenix Project, a program for drug-dependent inmates in a Prison in Tenerife.

 Rita has extensive experience in delivering and in training university students and professionals to deliver the Spanish version of R&R. Her doctoral dissertation involved evaluating R&R with drug abusing offenders in a day centre (see summary in the “News” section of this web-site). Her dissertation earned a special award: "The PhD Extraordinary Award in Health Sciences by the University of La Laguna". She is currently translating R&R2 for Adults into Spanish. It will be published by the Cognitive Centre of Canada in March, 2010.

Rita was President of the Scientific Organising Committee of the International Symposium for Criminology and Crime (2008) and the 1st International Congress for the Prevention and Treatment of Violence (2009).