Dr. Vicente Garrido

Dr. Vicente Garrido Genovés, Ph.D. is an associate professor at the Valencia University in Spain, where he teaches criminal psychology and correctional education. Professor Garrido met Dr. Robert Ross in 1986, at the University of Ottawa, where he learned about the Cognitive Model developed by Dr. Ross. He translated Dr. Ross' book, Time To Think and Dr. Ross' Reasoning and Rehabilitation program into Spanish (available from Cognitive Centre of Canada cogcen@canada.com

Dr Garrido has directed several projects teaching the Reasoning and Rehabilitation program in prisons and secure settings for juvenile offenders, as well as in prevention projects for at-risk youths in Spain and  South America.

Dr. Garrido is a member of the Steering Committe of the Crime and Justice Group of the renowned Campbell Collaboration that develops systematic reviews designed to ascertain ‘what works’ in crime prevention.

He has published many articles in academic and professional journals in education, psychology and criminology and has writen 11 books on various aspects of antisocial behavior including a book describing Recent Advances in the Reasoning and Rehabilitation Program (in Spanish). He is co-editor of “Advances in Psychology and Law” (De Gruyter). He is a member of the editorial boards of the journals Crime, Behaviour & Mental Health and Psychology, Crime and Law