Dr. Robert R. Ross

Bob Ross (Ph.D. Psychology, University of Toronto) has been a lecturer at Wilfrid Laurier University; Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Waterloo; Research Associate, Human Justice Program, University of Re­gina; Honorary Research Associate, Faculty of Law, University of Edinburgh; and Professor of Criminology, University of Ottawa.

Born and raised in Scotland, Dr. Ross is an international authority on offender rehabilitation and the prevention of antisocial behavior. He has had extensive experience as a Clinical Psychologist working with antisocial individuals including drug and alcohol abusing offenders; violent offenders; mentally disordered offenders; sex offenders; and adolescent offenders. He served for twelve years as Chief Psychologist with the Ontario Government’s Ministry of Correctional Services in Canada for juvenile and adult offenders. He has conducted research for the Ontario Ministry of Justice, the Solicitor General of Canada, and the Correctional Service of Canada.

A highly respected teacher and trainer, Dr. Ross has been a faculty member for the Ontario Department of Education's programs for special education teachers, and a consultant to the Department of Educational Television. He has also taught at Oxford University; Salford University in Manchester; the American University in Beirut; Simon Fraser University in Vancouver; the University of LaLaguna in the Canary Islands; The University of Bern in Switzerland; and the Central University in Caracas, Venezuela. 

Dr. Ross' lifetime goal has been to develop effective rehabilitation programs for juvenile and adult offenders that do not require the services of highly trained mental health professionals. There are not enough psychiatrists, psychologists or social workers to enable programs which require their services to be provided to enough offenders to have a major impact on recidivism. Over the past forty years, Dr. Ross has strived to develop programs that can be delivered not only by such staff, but also by any enthusiastic individual with good social cognitive skills including teachers, probation officers, parole officers, youth workers, correctional officers (prison officers), volunteers, and by offenders themselves who are graduates of the program.

The internationally renowned "Reasoning and Rehabilitation" program that Dr. Ross created in 1986 has been delivered in twenty-two countries by more than a thousand R&R Trainers to more than seventy thousand antisocial individuals: juvenile delinquents; behaviourally disordered adolescents; "at risk" youths; juvenile gang members; adult offenders; mentally disordered offenders; learning-disabled offenders, violent offenders; sex offenders; and substance-abusing offenders. The efficacy of the program has been demonstrated in many independent international evaluations, metanalyses, and cost-benefit analyses. His R&R program Handbook has been translated in 11 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Latvian, Spanish, and Swedish. Dr. Ross has developed a suite of  new, short, specialized R&R2 programs several of which are now being delivered in North America, Europe and Asia and have been translated in French, German, Icelandic, and Spanish.

Dr. Ross has been conducting research on antisocial behaviour since the late 1960's. His research has been published in more than 100 articles in journals in psychology, criminology and education and in 25 books. including Effective Correctional Treatment (1980); Treatment of The Alcohol Abusing Offender (1985); Time To Think: A Cognitive Model of Offender Rehabilitation & Delinquency Prevention (1985); Female Offenders: Correctional Afterthoughts (1986);Thinking Straight:The Reasoning & Rehabilitation Program (1995); Going Straight: Effective Programs for Delinquency Prevention & Offender Rehabilitation (1995); Antisocial Drivers: Prosocial Driver Training for Prevention and Rehabilitation (2005); Rehabilitating Rehabilitation: Neurocriminology for: Treatment of Antisocial Behavior (2008). 

Dr. Ross was awarded the Centennial Medal of Canada for his work with antisocial adolescents.

Dr. Ross lives in Ottawa near his two daughters and their Golden Retriever Therapy Dogs: Heather and Highlander.