Camouflaged Aggression in the Workplace


This Seminar deals with the identification and control of a form of aggression that is becoming increasingly destructive in modern organizations.  Camouflaged Aggression is a  form of aggression that is unlike physically discernible aggression (violence), open verbal and emotional assaults, or interpersonal passive-aggression.  Camouflaged aggression uses the formal structures of the organization to deliver aggression while simultaneously hiding or masking it. In this way, the cognitive and emotional components of conflict and hostility are obscured, and the aggressor’s motive, the perpetrator, the act of aggression and sometimes even the victim are disguised.

Organizational structures today are becoming more complex and interdependent under the rapid development of high technology.  As a result, avenues for the delivery of camouflaged aggression are rapidly expanding.  Mental health and productivity in the work place are coming significantly under threat.   
The Seminar will present the contents of Dr. Alexander Abdennur’s book Camouflaged Aggression: The Hidden Threat to Individuals and Organizations. It will:

  • Present the theoretical model that accounts for the dynamics of camouflaged aggression within organizations.
  • Describe the patterns of camouflaged aggression within the workplace.
  • Describe how personality factors contribute to camouflaged aggression.
  • Analyze the impact of camouflaged aggression on mental health and on productivity and efficiency.
  • Explore the contribution of camouflaged aggression to explosive violence and even random mass murder.
  • Describe strategies for identification, prevention, and management of camouflaged aggression in the workplace. 

This Seminar is given in two formats:

One-day: 6 hours
Three- day: 3 hours per day; total 9 hours

Seminar developed by Dr. Alexander Abdennur.

Contact the Cognitive Centre of Canada for information.