Antisocial Drivers: Prosocial Driver Training for Prevention and Rehabilitation

By Robert R. Ross and Daniel H. Antonowicz

Why are there so many antisocial drivers who are inconsiderate, selfish, rude, and frequently drive in an offensive manner that disregards the rights of other drivers to be treated courteously and safely.
How can antisocial drivers be persuaded to become prosocial drivers who drive carefully with due consideration for the well-being of others?
How can novice drivers be preventer from acquiring antisocial driving habits?
The authors answer these questions by integrating three bodies of research:
1.Traffic research that has identified personal factors associated with driving violations and risky or careless driving;
2.Psychology research that has identified personal factors associated with antisocial behavior; 
3.Criminology research that has identified personal factors that are the targets of programs that effectively reduce antisocial behavior.
The book also describes a Prosocial Driver Training Program which is based on a thirty-five year research project that led to the development of a program that teaches cognitive/emotional skills and values that are required for prosocial competence and are antagonistic to anti-social behavior. The program has successfully taught such skills and values in seventeen countries to more than seventy thousand of the most anti-social individuals.
 The program include techniques that improve antisocial individuals’ impulse control; develop their problem-solving skills; lead them to consider the consequences of their behavior; sensitize them to other peoples’ thoughts and feelings; enable them to acquire emotional control; and lead them to understand and appreciate social rules and social obligations.
 It is designed to teach adult drivers with poor driving records and/or antisocial driving habits the pro-social skills and values that are associated with courteous and safe driving. It is also designed to be delivered to novice drivers to ensure that they have acquired such skills and values before they are are granted a driver’s license.     

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