R&R Program


The R&R program provides 35, highly structured, ninety-minute sessions for groups of male or female youths (16+) or adults who are evidencing antisocial behaviors or criminal behavior including those with mental health problems.

The ideal group size for the program is 6-8 but programs can be conducted with 4-10 participants. 

Trainer’s Kits

The materials for conducting the R&R program are presented in a Trainer's Kit that includes

PROGRAM HANDBOOK - articulates the program principles and provides complete and detailed step-by-step instructions for Trainers to deliver the complete program.

SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL - reproducible materials required to conduct the program such as PowerPoint slides.

PARTICIPANTS' WORKBOOK reproducible by Trainers

CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT for clients - reproducible by Trainers 


Contact the Cognitive Centre for details and prices. 

Copyright for the R&R program for a foreign country, a U.S. State or Canadian province can be purchased by a university, government department or approved social agency. Copyright enables the purchaser to produce Trainer's Kits and train individuals on a fee or non-fee bassis throughout its jurisdiction. Contact the Cognitive Centre of Canada for information.

                                          ORDER FORM

Note: A Training Kit must be ordered for each staff member participating in a training workshop.


Item                                Quantity                                                Item Cost

R&R Trainer Kit    x                                               U.S. $479.00

Add delivery cost per kit: (4-10 business days): U.S.A.           U.S. $18.00;

(International shipping costs vary according to country).


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Send completed order form by email attachment to cognitivecentre@gmail.com  

 or by email to: Cognitive Centre of Canada, Suite 204, 200 Rideau Terrace, Ottawa, Canada K1M 0Z3